BTS "Boy With Luv" Feat Halsey - BTS Dance In Public!!

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Title : BTS "Boy With Luv" Feat Halsey - BTS Dance In Public!!
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Published : 13 Apr 2019
Author : QPark

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BTS "Boy with Luv" feat Halsey - Kpop Dance in Public!!
This is me dancing in public doing a BTS Boy with luv Dance cover on the streets of NYC. Halsey Boy with luv collab? AYE!!! BOY WITH LOVE!

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There is a some singing in public too as always. So many of you guys requested a reaction boy with luv! And you know my bts dance is on point hahah.
Yall know I'm on my Reggaeton dance and Kpop dance kick and that I'm Army but I also am an ARMY. Boy with luv is blowing up. I've already done a some BTS dance cover but I really wanted to do a BTS boy with luv reaction and what better way to react to BTS than to do a boy with luv dance in public. Here's my new BTS in PUBLIC. I love dancing in public and kpop dance in public and dancing BTS is too fun. When you're so into BTS and Kpop, you might end up dancing in public too.

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